It’s been a long time coming – but it’s finally done.

My first book is finally done.  Now Available on Amazon.


The Back Cover:

Are you ready for the End of the World? Jack thought he was. He’d spent years learning to live in a minimalist and sustainable way. He’d changed careers, and he had a plan. A plan just in case the worst happened. Unfortunately for Jack, he was far from home when disaster struck, when the end of the world as we know it came. Now he is on foot, with winter coming. Jack and his two dogs will need to trek over 750 miles to get home.

How do you cope when almost everything you depend upon is lost? When everything you’ve come to rely on stops working.

There was no way to predict a Solar Storm. There was no way to predict its enormous magnitude or the damage that it would do. What do you do when you can’t call for help? When transportation stops and the lights go out? How hungry do you have to be to steal, to kill? What will people do when there is no law? Who can you trust?

Jack would most likely run out of food before he got home, even if nothing went wrong. But something had already gone wrong, and it was just the beginning. He had choices to make and no information. Every decision was a trade-off. Would he survive if he chose wrong? Jack was about to find out.

One thought on “It’s been a long time coming – but it’s finally done.

  1. Richard Arland

    Just started your book. So far it’s great! Going out on a limb here….we might be twins separated at birth!

    Obviously you are an amateur radio operator who enjoys Elecraft gear. As I write this there is a KX2 sitting beside my right elbow. I’ve been a ham for 54 years and have authored seven (7) books on ham radio, the last four for the ARRL on QRP. In addition to being a gun nut (since early childhood) and a aspiring gunsmith, I’m also an advanced amateur photographer shooting with Nikon since 196. Like your main character I was born and raised in Eastern Washington state (Palouse) and know the Inland Empire quite well.

    Good luck with your writing. I am eagerly awaiting your next book in the series.

    Vy 73
    Rich K7SZ


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